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Speaking & Motivation

Looking to hire one of the best speakers you can for your upcoming event? Natasha should be your first choice. She has spoken on my stages across the globe on a vast array of topics from business balancing, strategic marketing, event & retreat building, as well as personal development, healing from trauma, and spiritual motivational bliss. Natasha’s clients are always looking for ways to get into events she speaks at as she always gives tons of value and takeaways, no matter the topic.

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Retreat & Event Coaching

You are planning your next big event, getting ready to expand your business, heck, you are even confident and excited about your venture… but wouldn’t it be nice to be supported every step of the way, to have someone to turn to and make sure your vision is aligned with your actions? In coaching we will work together to make your dream event a reality so you do not have to compromise or feel overwhelmed.

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Done For You Programs

You run a large business platform, you want to start serving your clients in the next level, you have no time to do it all on your own. That is when you need a done for you program. Your investment will take you to that next level in supporting your clients and offering life changing events. Imagine a customized plan based on your vision and a full team to support it coming to life, including support for you and your clients the entire time to truly offer that VIP experience that sets you above the rest!

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Retreats Made Profitable

Are you looking to jumpstart your journey and get started making the mula and changing lives? Retreats Made Profitable is one of the most affordable, most value packed online courses you can invest in. In this 8 module course you will learn all the musts of planning a perfect event, get access to bonuses worth thousands of dollars, and unlock life time access to live Q & A calls! This is a great investment for those thinking of hosting, currently planning an event, or even looking to bring their tried and true event to the next level.

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Natasha Botbijl excels at creating high-performance training programs and coaching people to see their challenges and opportunities from a new viewpoint. Deeply engaged and educated, Natasha builds rapport quickly and creates a safe environment to explore her client’s inner desires, motivational factors, and awaken their event potential. An expert in psychodynamic, events, and retreats Natasha is able to help her clients create an environment that makes their big ideas possible, enjoyable, and engaging.

Working as the CEO of Get Event Management, Natasha has helped hundreds of men and women achieve better results and accomplish their visions. She has over six years’ experience delivering professional development programs for leaders, small businesses, and high achievers. She has presented as a keynote speaker on stages in the USA and Canada on empowerment and motivation, as well as training in sales and marketing. Natasha is a bestselling author and has been quoted in books and journals as a thought leader for empowerment. Natasha has worked with a variety of individuals and organizations from the solopreneur with big ideas to the million dollar organizations and their teams.

For six years Natasha has volunteered with originations like Vital Voices, Futurpreneur, and other non-profits helping women in the workforce. Her media experiences include a recent talk on stage at Women’s Rising, Live interviews, featured articles in Forbes Magazine, and key trainer for international retreats. Natasha’s experience in sales and marketing as a career, running and then selling multiple small businesses, as well as owning a company between the years 2011 – 2016 that was dedicated to online marketing and direct sales has allowed her to understand the technical side of business, her training in human psychology at the Okanagan College gave the foundation for her coaching in events, workshops, and retreat building.

Natasha holds Graduate Certificates in both Executive Coaching and Life Coaching from Erickson Coaching International with a foundation in Neuro-linguistic programming. She has also done extensive continued educational training and holds certificates in Conversational Intelligence (C-IQ), Enneagram Coaching (including DISC & Myers Briggs), Business Plan Development, Nutritional Therapy, and Energy Work.

“What flows through you will also flow through others.”

Natasha Botbijl

“What flows through you will also flow through others.”

Natasha Botbijl
High Style EventsEvent Planners and Supplies

I recently had a strategizing session with Natasha for my business. I wanted to know different and effective approaches to "stand out in the crowd" She gave me lots of great insights and provided me with direction. She was also super helpful, confident and I felt she understood exactly what I was looking for. I enjoyed her outgoing personality, her energy and her professionalism and would recommend her to anyone I know who's looking for career counselling. Thank you for a great session Natasha!

Forge Ahead CoachingProfessional Services

Natasha is one of the most thoughtful and insightful coaches I know. Having done some coach training with her, I had the chance to get to know her positive outlook and genuine care for the success of her clients. I'm proud to call her a colleague and would highly recommend her services.

Small Business Owner

Natasha is a great mentor with so much drive to help business owners succeed! She handles her work professionally and with her mind fixed on ways to improve your business visibility. She is so sincere in working with us , bringing much passion , personal touch and energy to make clear difference each time we meet. Well done Natasha! You are a true business mentor!

Optics PlusSpeciality Retail

Just an amazingly hard working mentor that goes all out for her clients.

Chantelle Adams

I did a session with Natasha Botbijl and found out some amazing info from the Enneagram that shifted me and my work in massive ways, I have already gained awareness in just the one session and can't wait to dig deeper with Natasha to see how to really own who I am to the core while letting go of who I have felt I needed to be all these years to receive love and success. Highly recommend xo

Need a speaker for your event?

Natasha can speak on personal, life altering topics (such as overcoming PPD, trauma, and empowerment) that relate to your audience and create emotional impact, she can also deliver value based content around branding, strategy, and on stage training to support your attendees in moving forward on their business journey.

Hire Natasha to consult with your staff and leadership team.

Hosting events and retreats goes beyond the actual hosting, it comes down to understanding how to lead and provide exceptional client experience. Natasha will come in and teach your staff how to impact your bottom line through better systems, conversational intelligence, and support.

The best gift you can give yourself is to hire in-person support for your retreat.

Allow yourself time to be the trainer, relax when you need to reset your state, and be fully attentive to your attendees. Doing this allows you to offer a higher level of service to your clients, be fully involved in what you should be involved in and not running around dealing with the flow of the event, and it allows you to look like the high end professional you are.

Looking for that perfect speaker or trainer for your retreat?

Natasha is trained in offering classes focused on the following: Points of You cards to help you inlock your hidden keys of freedom and hack your brain, Enneagram games that allow you to see your personality in action, Conversational Intelligence to enhance your personal skills, and of course the how to of retreat building.

“When you feel abundance… you’re going to remember what it’s like. That triggers your thinking patterns into abundance programming and creates an emotional connection.”

Natasha Botbijl

“When you feel abundance… you’re going to remember what it’s like. That triggers your thinking patterns into abundance programming and creates an emotional connection.”

Natasha Botbijl

How to get out of your own way…

Let me be the first to tell you that impossible is not a real word, it is a limitation you have given yourself. You have within you the ability to be the most awesome woman you can possibly imagine.

You can take care of the house, run your kids to their meetups, love your spouse, and run a badass career filled with amazing awesomeness like hosting events and retreats that inspire you.

You can because you are more powerful than you know.

I grew up with a confused understanding of relationships and how the world was supposed to work, my parents divorced when I was two years old and I was adopted by my Grandparents. My mom was an addict and my father was the dealer, my life was full of complications, however, even after living a complicated childhood, I managed to take action and come out on top.

Impossible is just a limiting belief we set on ourselves.

You want to have abundant, fulfilling relationships with your friends, family, business clients, and whoever you cross paths with. You want the real, positive you to shine through day in and day out.

You want to live life without carrying the past traumas and low points on your back. The heavier the weight, the harder it seems to move along, don’t you agree?

Life throws us curve balls sometimes. One of those curve balls for me was almost losing my life giving birth to my son…