Every high-level influencer goes through this…

By July 9, 2018 July 11th, 2018 Blog

DO NOT BE AFRAID to show up as yourself and stand in the light of your own views.

As a female influencer, you want to get seen, heard, and followed.

As women our brains are hard-wired to be social and stay in the group, however, when we break our own patterning we can flourish as thought leaders and high-level influencers.

Every high-level influencer goes through this.

They have learned how to break their own brain chemistry in a way that serves them and allows them to serve their audience by showing up authentic, passionate, and aligned with who they are without the need to be socially acceptable for their views.

So how do we begin the journey of being a high-level influencer?

We can do this by either purchasing space to be seen (passively) over and over again (The studies say this needs to happen at least 90 times before a purchase).


We can use strategy and pattern interrupt with our audience:

Interrupt the initial thought patterns of our viewers (this is usually the hardest part since we as humans, especially women, prefer to stay in the social groups and norms) ⏩⏩ Engage with the viewers (keep their attention past 10 seconds and you are off to a great start) ⏩⏩ Educate them (keep it simple to digest) ⏩⏩ Offer! 🔥

So remember you can use tactical or strategic marketing, even a combination of both, but make sure you keep it consistent.

Interrupt ⏩ Engage ⏩ Educate ⏩ Offer 🔥

It takes daily action to achieve this level of success, but we are here for that reason, doing what we do so that we can influence those listening in, create a better tomorrow, and have a life full of passion.

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