Tactics for creating Interruption

By July 9, 2018 July 11th, 2018 Blog

So yesterday I talked about what it takes to be a high-level influencer.

Interrupt ⏩ Engage ⏩ Educate ⏩ Offer 🔥

Today I want to break that down a little more for you.

To interrupt you have to get into your clients head 👩 (if you do not know who your client is then we need to talk: bit.ly/freegrowthsession)

Start by chunking your list of final offers and then reverse engineer into what each one needs to succeed, and we can chunk from that.


A $997 program 👈 $37 Webinar 👈 Free Video Series / Downloadable PDF 👈 Posts on social media/in groups 👈 Network at events and share your social page for local following (get comfortable mixing in person and online) 👈 Email your current list…

You then break down each component of this ‘idea’

Get detailed and have fun with it.

Make a mind map!

Take your first idea, write it down, expand on it (double-click) and break it into stages.

Then you can connect these ideas into flow charts and go as short game as a day’s plan or to a long game into the next year(s). Either way once you have the structure creating the game plan for implementation will be easier and you feel amazing knowing the road ahead.

Perhaps now you plan on offering a free PDF, or video series, or maybe you have an idea for your next week of social media posts, it does not matter what you have planned as much as it matters the strategy behind it.

Once you have your ‘mind map’ and have double-clicked your ideas into chunk-able activities you can start creating!

(If you need help with this I would love to jump on a call bit.ly/freegrowthsession)

Today lets just start by creating headlines and subheadlines for your finalized ideas once you are ready (you can come back to this post if you need when you are ready).


Creating a ‘Headline’:

👉 Think of what problem your clients have. What is something that is so strong for them that they can not leave it alone, get it out of their heads, or it is physically or emotionally hurting them.

👉 Phrase your main headline as if you are speaking directly to them like you can see into their life, their issue.

Creating a ‘Subheadline’:

👉 Now you want to engage your viewers with wording on what you will do for them. Provide it in a simple one sentence, easy to understand format.

👉 The subheadline is where you will provide the solution and bring up engagement with more questions they would have for you, like: ‘what do you mean’, ‘I can do that’, ‘tell me more’.

👉 This is where your clients should feel the answer is right at their fingertips.

You should always feel aligned, ignited, and inspired by what you are creating as every high-level influencer knows that what you put into your creation flows into your audience. 👩‍💼

Keep it simple and be creative with your own soul language.

Ps. this activity can be used for your business, staff, or even home life (a fun and organized home life can open up so many doors).

I am always happy to jump on a call to dive deeper into your core energy and strategy <3 bit.ly/freegrowthsession

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